Education and Training Resources for School Nutrition Programs

ICN's research-based educational and training resources are designed to help district school nutrition directors/supervisors, managers, and nutrition assistants/technicians meet the challenges of the day to day operations of successful school nutrition programs.

Resources from USDA and Team Nutrition:

New Meal Pattern

Chefs Move to Schools

FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

Healthy Meals Resource System 

Healthy Meals Resource System Best Practices Database


Team Nutrition

USDA Farm to School

USDA Foods (Commodity) Resources

USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS)

USDA FNS School Meals Guidance and Resources


ICN's Most Current and Most In-Demand Resources:

New Meal Pattern - Food-Based Menu Planning (FBMP). Overview of New Meal Pattern. Part of Recognizing a Reimbursable Meal training resource.

Culinary Techniques for Healthy School Meals - Series of print and video lessons and online courses designed to help school nutrition teams prepare healthier school meals that appeal to the taste of today's students.

Financial Management: A Course for School Food Service Directors

Procurement in the 21st Century. - Resource for child nutrition professionals on procurement procedures.

Food Buying Guide Calculator for Child Nutrition Programs - Interactive tool for using the Food Buying Guide.

Guidelines for Inventory Management and Tracking - Inventory management and tracking reference.

Healthy Cuisine for Kids - Hands-on training program focused on developing culinary techniques.

No Time to Train: Short Lessons for School Nutrition Assistants - Short lessons for managers to use to train staff on a variety of daily topics in the school nutrition program.

Norovirus Resources - Communication resources.

Norovirus Series Online Courses - 3 part series on preventing the spread of norovirus.

Orientation to School Nutrition Management Seminar - Lessons from seminar for new and aspiring school nutrition program directors.

Pathways for the School Nutrition Program - Fact Sheets and Mini-Posters.

Produce Safety Resources - Resource page for Produce Safety Videos, Fact Sheets, and Presentations.

Food Safety in Schools (formerly known as Serving It Safe, 4th Edition - Information for managing a safe and sanitary foodservice operation.

Serving It Safe Online Course - 12 hour self-guided online course based on the Serving It Safe training resource.

USDA Recipes for Schools - Quantity recipes for school food service with CCP information and nutrition analysis.

Human Resources Online Course Series

  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • Creating a Motivating Workplace
  • Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations
  • Delegating and Empowering
  • Employee Discipline
  • Performance Standards and Expectations


Back to Basics: How to Incorporate Scratch Cooking Techniques Into Your School Kitchen - Webinar

Basics at a Glance Poster

Best Practices for Handling Fresh Produce in Schools - Fact sheet on procedures for handling fruits and vegetables safely.

Communication Tools for School Nutrition Programs - Newsletter templates, press release templates, and tips for school nutrition program managers or directors.

Cooks for Kids - a series of satellite training programs that celebrates the fact that healthful food for children can, and should, be served everywhere.

Food Safety Fact Sheets

Food Safety Mini-Posters

Food Safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - sample written practices and procedures for producing safe food.

Growing Your Professional Skills - 2008 BLT

Marketing Your School Nutrition Program

Nutrition 101: A Taste of Food and Fitness - 2nd Edition - Basic overview of nutrition.

On the Road to Professional Food Preparation, 2nd Edition - Basic skills to produce high quality foods for child nutrition programs.

Practical Skills for Preparing Quality Meals: A Five Step Process - 2010 BLT

Whole Grains in Child Nutrition Programs

Child Nutrition Online Courses

Food Safety Online Courses

Wellness Online Courses

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