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USDA National Agricultural LibraryNutrition Information - resources for nutrition education, nutrition facts, and nutrition.


Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Standards: Guidelines for Out-of-Home Child Care, 2nd edition. American Academy Of Pediatrics, American Public Health Association, and National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education (2002). The entire text of the manual can be viewed, searched, or downloaded online at Major policy changes since the publication of this manual can be found at  ?

National Head Start Association - 


Food Safety in the Child Care Food Program - Guidance for Child Care Providers. Florida Department of Health Bureau of Child Nutrition Programs (2004).


Emergency/Disaster Preparedness - National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education  


Healthy Weight in Preschool Children Website  


Cycle Menus, Menu Planning, and Recipes:

What's Cookin' II - Published by the Nebraska Department of Education Nutrition Services. 171 new recipes and suggested menus have been child-tested and checked for nutrition quality, CACFP creditability, ease of preparation and cost. 28 additional pages of cooking tips. 4 week sample menus with nutrient analysis. Directions for adjusting quantities. Child care home-sized recipes.


Making It Balance and Kickin' It Up: A Cycle Menu for Montana Childcare - Developed by Montana Team Nutrition. 2006. 5 weeks of menus with recipes and resources. 


Making It Balance and Kickin' It Up! A Cycle Menu for Maine Childcare - Adapted from Montana Team Nutrition project. 2008. 5 weeks of menus with recipes and resources.


Reducing the Size of Recipes - 
Resource developed by the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Extension Service for Lancaster County.