Carbohydrate Counting for School Food Service Professionals - Webinar


Carbohydrate Counting for School Food Service Professionals presented by Christanne Smith Harrison, MPH, RD, originally aired December 6, 2007.

The 41-minute webinar addressed the following agenda items:

  • Brief explanation of diabetes
  • Overview of diabetes meal planning tools
  • Basics of carbohydrate counting
  • Methods to find carbohydrate content
  • Carbohydrate counting in the school setting
    • Why provide carbohydrate counts?
    • Ways to communicate information about carbohydrate counts
    • How do you start?
    • Additional considerations
  • Resources

This webinar is available as an online course that can be taken for Continuing Education Units.

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Carbohydrate Counting for School Food Service Professionals - Online Course
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Helping Students with Diabetes - Carbohydrate Counting Activity
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